Diana S. vonRoeschlaub

I loved my student teaching! There were many personal challenges and rewards, and I was able to experience both a very traditional, and later, a very contemporary classroom environment. I developed many enriching and rewarding relationships, both with my cooperating teachers and their students (we still keep in touch through mail, E-mail and the telephone - I especially enjoy the handwritten letters from students!). I have a well-developed portfolio, containing photos, lesson plans and student work samples, during my time at the schools listed below. I'd love to show it to you! In the meantime, these discriptions below will have to do...

Student Teaching Experience

Guggenheim Elementary School, 4th Grade, Port Washington, NY 10/97-12/97


  • Planned original interdisciplinary lesson and activities
  • Created dynamic instructionsl and seasonal bulletin boards
  • Taught beginning math concepts to whole class
  • Mentored studnets in a variety og computer assignments
  • Actively participated in poetry workshops and celebrations
Searingtown Elementary School, 3rd Grade, New Hyde Park, NY 9/97-10/97

Responsibilites: Class

  • Presented original lessons in Science, Math, Health, Language Arts, and Social Studies
  • Supervised several field trips
  • Developed plans for cooperative group activities
  • Maintained students progress reports
  • Encouraged highter level thinking, and peer support

Computers in the classroom is something that I welcome, whole heartedly! I have experience with WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Windows environments, and utilizing on-line services - and now, designing web pages! :^)