Diana S. vonRoeschlaub

I was always a teacher, although I didn't always know it. When I was six years old I directed my first play with neighborhood kids. In kindergarten, I remember bringing my "Manners" book to school and reading it to the school bully. It helped, a little. I have always enjoyed the company of young people, and held a special place in my heart for the wonder of childhood. Throughout my life people have said that I would be a wonderful teacher. Now I believe it too, and I am looking forward to the chance to prove it to them and myself.

My philosophy of teaching has developed significantly over the years, and I'm sure it will grow and change as my life experiences continue to shape my objectives and attitudes.

I believe the most valuable tool a teacher can give a child is a solid foundation for the establishment of self worth. Students' abilities may change, teachers' methods may change, school environments may change, even social demands and expectations may change. But if a student has a high self esteem and is exposed to unlimited resources for learning, then that child is bound for personal greatness. I would like to be a teacher who enthusiatically recognizes the individuality, curiosity, concerns and hopes of all my students. I want to be someone who can provide them with the resources they deserve and help them discover the personal strength and confidence they need to become the best individual they can be.

It is my feeling that an interdisciplinary learning environment will help facilitate teh foundation of high self esteem in the classroom. The opportunities inherent in this natural learning structure foster individual reflection, reaction and response, thereby encouraging children to persue their own ideas and explore multiple vehicles for their expression.

It is my belief that an initgrated subject environment, with the welcome support of parents, administrators, community members and fellow educators, will produce a community of life long learners, proud of their accomplishments and yearning for their next opportunity for continued success.